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Recent Results

Draw Your Partner
September 19, 2018
1st   Jim H. / Fabian L.
2nd   Aaron E. / Brent Y.
3rd   Scott B. / Seamus M.

Draw Your Partner
September 12, 2018
1st   Seamus M. / Fabian L.
2nd   Jim H. / Jason B.
3rd   Barry W. / Brent Y.

Draw Your Partner
September 5, 2018
1st   Scott B. / Brent Y.
2nd   Seamus M. / Fabian L.
3rd   Blair N. / Barry W.

Draw Your Partner
January 31, 2018
1st   Blair N.
2nd   Barry W.
3rd   Scott B.

Draw Your Partner
December 20, 2017
1st   Blair N. / Brent Y.
2nd   Seamus M. / Fred Q.
3rd   Fabian L. / Jason B.

Draw Your Partner
December 13, 2017
1st   Clift W. / Jason B.
2nd   Barry W. / Brent Y.
3rd   Seamus M. / Fabian L.

Draw Your Partner
December 6, 2017
1st   Scott B. / Barry W.
2nd   Blair N. / Fabian L.
3rd   Seamus M. / Jason B.

Draw Your Partner
November 29, 2017
1st   Fabian L. / Jordan F.
2nd   Seamus M. / Brent Y.
3rd   Jim H. / Jason B.

Saskatoon Foosball Club (SFC) Regular Events
Wednesday Nights
Sports On Tap
2606 Lorne Ave.

- Draw Your Partner
- Wednesday's @ 7:30pm
- $5 entry fee
- 100% payout
- All skill levels welcome!

The SFC currently promotes one regularly scheduled tournament each week. All events are open to the public and employ a handicapping system to help level the playing field. Wednesday nights are a great time to get to know others that enjoy foosball in Saskatoon while learning from the best players in the city.

We support and hold events at venues with good quality, well maintained Tornado Tournament tables. So come out and have some fun!