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Recent Results

May 11, 2022
1st   Fabian Laclare / Fabian Laclare
2nd   Barry Willick / Barry Willick
3rd   Jason Belhumeur / Jason Belhumeur

April 20, 2022
1st   Barry Willick / Barry Willick
2nd   Chris Welch / Chris Welch
3rd   Brent Yates / Brent Yates

April 6, 2022
1st   Brent Yates / Brent Yates
2nd   Fabian Laclare / Fabian Laclare
3rd   Chris Welch / Chris Welch

November 10, 2021
1st   Fabian Laclare / Fabian Laclare
2nd   Fred Quan / Fred Quan
3rd   Barry Willick / Barry Willick

Draw Your Partner
October 27, 2021
1st   Nic P. / Brent Y.
2nd   Seamus M. / Barry W.
3rd   Fabian L. / Fred Q.

October 20, 2021
1st   Brent Yates / Brent Yates
2nd   Jason Belhumeur / Jason Belhumeur
3rd   Barry Willick / Barry Willick

October 13, 2021
1st   Brent Yates / Brent Yates
2nd   aSpare 2
3rd   Fred Quan / Fred Quan

Draw Your Partner
October 6, 2021
1st   Fred Q.
2nd   Jason B.
3rd   Barry W.

Canada Wins GOLD in France!!

On January 8th, in an epic 3 hour final match against Slovenia, Canada emerged victorious and captured the Gold medal in the Division II Mens event at the International Table Soccer Federation's World Cup event in Nantes, France. The World Cup ran from January 5th to 8th. Saskatoon's own Barry Willick was one of the seven member team representing Canada!

Tournament Announcement!

We're Back! Feb. 2011


We've made a comeback! Apparently, there are a lot of foosers in Saskatoon that are interested in pumping new life into the once vibrant local foosball scene. We started by planning to meet every Thursday at the Snooker Shack for a DYP (Draw Your Partner) tournament of sorts and we've already added a second event (Singles) on Tuesday evenings. Our goal is to make it fun for players of all skill levels to compete and hone their skills. Even if you have never played before and want to give foosball a try, feel free to drop in.

A few years ago, the Saskatoon Foosball Club was one of the largest and most active foosball clubs in Canada with 3 local events per week. The SFC also hosted the Canadian Open Foosball Classic on an annual basis that attracted players from accross Canada and the United States.

Who knows... maybe we can do it again!

Major Tournament Announcement! Nov. 2006

We're having a party! Dec. 23rd, 2004

Home sweet home! Oct. 28, 2004

2004 COFC!!! July 21st, 2004

2003 COFC Tournament

VEGAS HERE WE COME!!! March 18th, 2003

18 and Under Foosball Clinic Nov. 23rd, 2002

The Saskatoon Foosball Club will be hosting a FREE Foosball Clinic for youth aged 18 and under on Saturday November 23rd. The Clinic will consist of a period of instruction on rules, strategies, and skills, followed by an opportunity for the youth to play in a non-competitive setting with SFC members on hand to coach.

When : Saturday, Nov. 23rd
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Where : Midtown Billiards
160 - 2nd Avenue South
Who : 18 and under
Guys and Gals
Cost : Free

Come on out for an afternoon of fun!

Saskatoon Sun Features Foosball! Oct. 27th, 2002
The Oct. 27th edition of the Saskatoon Sun (Page 3) featured a full page article publicizing the Saskatoon Foosball scene.

The article featured our own Barry Willick and Jonathan Levesque, their efforts to promote Foosball, and a discussion of the game and the scene here in Saskatoon.

Emphasized in the article is the desire to increase participation by encouraging new players to come out and learn the game.

Click here to read it now!

Canadian Open Foosball Classic Oct. 4th-6th, 2002
The largest Canadian foosball tournament in many years was held in Saskatoon on the weekend of October 4th - 6th and was a great success! Here are the numbers and 1st place results that tell the story:

- 76 Competitors
- 9 events
- 3 Days
- More than $6800 in cash and prizes!
Welcome DYP
   Eric Dunn (Vancouver)
   Chris Knudsen (Edmonton)

Open Doubles
   Dale Trynchuk (Edmonton)
   Tom McDonald (Edmonton)

  Open Singles
   Darrel Popowich (Calgary)

Semi-Pro Doubles
   Eugene Wichorek (Calgary)
   Chris Demello (Calgary)

  Semi-Pro Singles
   Doug McCarthy (Edmonton)

Rookie Doubles
   Gerald Martine (Regina)
   Ryan Ehrlich (Regina)

  Rookie Singles
   Gregg Chester (Saskatoon)

Beginner Doubles
   Lori Zyha (Saskatoon)
   Kyle Lichtenwald (Regina)

  Beginner Singles
   Ryan Hill (Saskatoon)

Western Canadian Open Championships May23rd, 2002
Wow, what a weekend!
If you didn't already know, Calgary hosted an excellent foosball tournament over the long weekend and 7 of us from S'toon attended.

If you've never been to a large tournaments like this before, you don't know what your missing. Although the Open events were dominated by the Alberta Pro's. Saskatoon's own Nathan Van Melle and Patrick Lys placed extremely well, both individually and as a team in the Rookie and Semi-Pro events. Way to go guys!

Patrick Lys & Nathan Van Melle
   - 1st (Rookie Doubles)
   - 3rd (Semi-Pro Doubles)
Patrick Lys
   - 3rd (Rookie Singles)
Nathan Van Melle
   - 4th (Rookie Singles)
   - 4th (DYP w/Jack Chong - EDM)
Barry Willick
   - 2nd (Goalie Warz)
   - 5th (DYP w/Roger Penner - EDM)

For a complete list of results, see the Counterstrike section of

Minor Site Overhaul May23rd, 2002
As you can see, we've undergone a minor site overhaul. The purpose of this change is to claim a bit of real estate on the screen for other purposes. We want to display upcoming events and updates on the right of the page.

These components will find their way onto the site in the coming days. Please feel free to send in any comments/suggestions that you may have.

Upcoming Tournaments! May 20th, 2002
Thursday Night Open BYP (Venue Change!)
So you think your good? Pick your own partner to play in this tourney. No excuses, just great competition. All handicaps and points apply. Entry fees are the same as for the Tuesday DYP. Don't have a partner?.... no problem, just leave a note on the message board, or just show up...
Thursday evening (23rd) - The Hop House - 7:15pm Sharp! - Everyone welcome!

Sunday Evening Open Singles
Like to go it alone? This may be the tourney for you. Play on Amigos "Brand New" Tornado table!
Sunday Evening (26th) - Amigos - 7:15pm Sharp! - Everyone welcome!

Tuesday Night Open DYP
Everyone welcome to this "Draw Your Partner" tournament. This is our largest event of the week, usually attracting between 30 - 40 players. Always a ton of fun!
Tuesday Night (28th) - The Hop House - 7:15pm Sharp! - Everyone welcome!

Tornado Warning! April 18th, 2002
Please be cautious.... Tornado's have been touching down all over Saskatoon in the last couple of weeks! Fortunately for us, they're the Foosball kind!

We have sponsored a total of 6 new tables so far at four different locations in Saskatoon. They are:

The Hop House (2 Tables) - 924 Spadina
The Pat (2 Tables) - 345 2nd Ave. N
The Publican (1 Table) - 119 3rd Ave. S
Amigos (1 Table) - 632 10th St. E

... and Another Record Turnout! April 10th, 2002
Our Tuesday DYP attracted 40 Foosers to the Hop House! The tournament went without a flaw and we managed to finish before 10:30pm. Thanks to Patrick Lys for taking responsibility for the draw and keeping things running smoothly.

Here's a shot of the final game between the team of Brendan King / Dave Boukes (left) and Nathan Van Melle / Tom Hanna. Brendan & Dave went un-defeated on the night to take home the $110 first prize!

New Message Board March 24th, 2002
Check out the new "Messages" link! Now we can post messages and carry on discussions about Foosball related topics, even on nights other than Tuesdays!

You'll have to register before you can post a message or a reply, but everyone is welcome, so please enjoy.

Wow! March 20th, 2002
36 Foosers showed up last night to play in our first tournament since our second table was installed! Needless to say, we had a great time. 53 tournament games were played to decide who would take home the first prize of $110.

In the end, Terry WilGenhof and Barry Willick came back from the B side to win 3 straight against the A side winners, Grant Erickson and Shaun Sanford, and claim top honours.

This was our first night of using our new ranking system. We definately identified a few kinks and anomolies that we will have to work out, but all in all, it went great!

Our new table is on it's way! March 13th, 2002
Here is a shot of our truck leaving Vancouver early Monday morning with our new T2000 Table! We're expecting it to arrive by the end of the week and should be up and running well in advance of next Tuesday's DYP meet.

Once we have it in place we should be able to speed up our tourneys and give everyone a chance to play more foosball! We're also looking to add some variety at different times such as Singles, Goalie Wars, Forward Shootouts, and higher stakes BYP events.

Another Record Turnout! March 12th, 2002
Once again we've drawn our best turnout ever with 28 players!

Congratulations to Tom Hannah and Jim Swaby who walked away with the first prize of $100!

As usual, a good time was had by all but we've come to realize that WE NEED ANOTHER TABLE!