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Recent Results

Draw Your Partner
November 28, 2018
1st   Seamus M. / Brent Y.
2nd   Blair N. / Fred Q.
3rd   Aaron E. / Fabian L.

Draw Your Partner
November 7, 2018
1st   Scott B. / Matt S.
2nd   Seamus M. / Fred Q.
3rd   Blair N. / Fabian L.

Draw Your Partner
October 10, 2018
1st   Seamus M. / Fabian L.
2nd   Aaron E. / Brent Y.
3rd   Derek K. / Blair N.

Draw Your Partner
September 19, 2018
1st   Jim H. / Fabian L.
2nd   Aaron E. / Brent Y.
3rd   Scott B. / Seamus M.

Draw Your Partner
September 12, 2018
1st   Seamus M. / Fabian L.
2nd   Jim H. / Jason B.
3rd   Barry W. / Brent Y.

Draw Your Partner
September 5, 2018
1st   Scott B. / Brent Y.
2nd   Seamus M. / Fabian L.
3rd   Blair N. / Barry W.

Draw Your Partner
January 31, 2018
1st   Blair N.
2nd   Barry W.
3rd   Scott B.

Draw Your Partner
December 20, 2017
1st   Blair N. / Brent Y.
2nd   Seamus M. / Fred Q.
3rd   Fabian L. / Jason B.


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Ontario Table Soccer Association
  The name says it all.
Regina Foosball
  Our neighbors to the south.
Van Foos
  Site for the Vancouver Foosball scene. Richard Tench, who maintains this site, also developed the Points system that we have adopted here in Saskatoon.

Message Boards
Calgary Message Board
Edmonton Message Board
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The Foosball Board
  Categorized discussion board with general and specific forums.

Foosball Related Products
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General Information
  Great general foosball related information site.
Foosball Heaven
  The home of Robert Uyeyama, the author of many of our Advice columns.
  Foosball Locations Directory

Table Soccer Association of Canada (TSAC)
  TSAC is a Canadian organization whos mandate is to promote foosball both Nationally and Internationally.